Cross-dresser Kelvin Kinuthia appeals to fans to stop speculating his orientation

By , K24 Digital
On Tue, 8 Feb, 2022 12:54 | < 1 min read
Popular TikTok user Kelvin Kinuthia accused of 'eating’ Ksh344K fare from ‘thirsty’ Siaya man clears the air. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Popular Tiktok cross-dressing content creator Kelvin Kinuthia has come out to warn netizens against making conclusions about his sexuality.

Speaking in an interview on Youtube, the Tiktoker says he should be accorded time to declare his orientation.

"Hakuna mtu nishawaiambia about my sexuality. So mpaka vile nitasema but for now let it stay that way na watu waache kujijazia," he said.

(I have never disclosed my sexuality to anyone so people should stop judging me)

Further, he spoke of his undying love for upcoming rapper Diana Marua.

"I have been her fan for so long and even on YouTube after I learnt there is a premier gang, I always join in," he said.

"I felt so nice she commented and followed me. I'm afraid I will be emotional when I meet her. The way I love Diana is on another level. She is my celebrity crush," he added.

Kinuthia went viral after an online blog reported alleging that he ‘ate Ksh344k fare’

In his response, he totally distanced himself from the allegations and warned the accusers of using his name for clout.

“I don’t know about that, no money was sent to me. The statement was saying that the money is for shopping, a flight ticket and buying a new phone. I know most people will believe the story because of the new phone I bought. No one bought me the new phone,” he said.