Country music artist Elvis Nyaruri drops his first album – ‘Gichagi’

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On Sun, 18 Jul, 2021 22:26 | < 1 min read
Country music artist Elvis Nyaruri. PHOTO/COURTESY
Country music artist Elvis Nyaruri. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kenyan country music artist Elvis Nyaruri has released his first album 'Gichagi' (a native word for countryside)

In a statement, Elvis expressed his happiness and satisfaction to what he termed as not an easy ride.

"It's finally here. Gichagi. Has it been an easy ride getting here, hardly, but this is what I know, it's been an absolute blessing, joy and hard work. Just to see this makes me grateful to God and fans, ladies and gentlemen, my album Gichagi is out," part of the statement read.

The 13-track album was produced by Elvis himself, co-composed by him alongside Mac Van Rosi, and arranged and mastered by Jesse Bukindu and Lucas of Ogopa DJs.

The album's focus track 'She was hurting slowly' tells a story about a girl who left the countryside's life and settled with a rich man. She did not consider saving up for the future.

In an unfortunate incident, the man died and the distressed lady preferred a carefree life of drinking to going back home to Gichagi.

Here is the list of the 13 songs to bless you with pure 47 minutes of bliss.

Gichagi is where I long to be, I Just Cannot Wait to go Back Home, In Mombasani, Different Worlds Forbidden Lovers, Mbagala, I'll be doing fine and Mapenzi.

Others are; Instagram Superstar, She Was Hurting Slowly, Do You Wanna?, Go Cowboy Go, Mama's Word and Marry Me.

In conclusion, Elvis gives a shout out to his production team as well as his fans summing it up with a line;

"Yote tisa, kumi, Gichagi(In a count of nine to ten, the countryside) is where we all long to be."

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