Consumator breaks down in tears, weeps uncontrollably after Justina Syokau rejects him

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On Sat, 21 Jan, 2023 15:24 | 2 mins read
Consumator breaks down in tears, weeps uncontrollably after Justina Syokau rejects him
Consumator and Justina Syokau. PHOTOS/Courtesy.

Former Churchill Show comedian Consumator broke down in tears during an interview and cried uncontrollably after being rejected by Justina Syokau.

Speaking during an interview with Plug TV, Consumator lamented that he was shocked to see Syokau being gifted a Land Cruiser on her birthday by another man.

The comedian broke down in tears as he painfully recalled how he watched in horror as the gospel singer was being gifted the SUV by her boyfriend.

The interviewer had to stop the interview for a while as Consumator wept uncontrollably.

He complained that he had planned to gift Syokau a BMW X5 on Valentine’s Day only for her to be gifted a Prado on her birthday.

Consumator further stated that what pained him a lot was the fact that Justina Syokau had been giving him all the right signals when he was hitting on her yet she had another man in her life.

Kama hutaki jamaa usimueke kwa hopes mwambie from the beginning, jamaa akimake tu the first step tu hivi mwambie tu wacha, wacha hio. But for me vile Justina amekua akibehave akirespond from all that before areceive hio gari, kulikua na hopes. Nilikua na mipango manze mbaka napata ile bidii ya kujikakamua towards Valentine then paaa,” he said.


Consumator first expressed his romantic interest in Syokau when he was seen carrying a placard.

“Justina Syokau I can’t hide this from you anymore. I love you and I want to marry you. I want to propose to you inside BMW X6 which I will buy you. I will wed you in Zanzibar on top of a boat,” reads the placard Consumator was carrying.

Consumator carrying a placard. PHOTO/Courtesy.

However, Consumator was heartbroken after Syokau was gifted a Land Cruiser V8  by her lover on her birthday.

He was seen in a video posted on social media burning the placard. The comedian also said that he would rather pursue Pritty Vishy.

Naskia Justina syokau amepatiwa gari by another guy. So she refused my genuine car. Can’t believe it. Am heartbroken. I have decided to close that chapter. Afadhali hata nipatie hii BMWX5 nilikuwa nimemnunulia kwa msichana humble kama @prittyvishy,” Consumator wrote.