Kings and Queens of clout chasing in 2022

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On Sat, 24 Dec, 2022 06:00 | 4 mins read
Graphical representation of Kings and Queens of clout chasing in 2022.
Graphical representation of Kings and Queens of clout chasing in 2022.

Clout chasing in Kenya is seemingly part of the game in the entertainment industry and this year, it's been real.

From artistes, to socialites to politicians, everyone tried their luck to remain on trend lists and some got us really good.

People chase clout mainly to trigger engagement metrics before releasing new projects and more likely reusing it to inflate these engagements afterwards.

Here is a list of 2022’s Kings and Queens of clout chasing as sampled by K24 Digital.

Vera Sidika

The socialite-cum-rapper Vera Sidika took the internet by storm after fooling her fans about losing her big butt after her surgical procedure 'went wrong' to become the ultimate queen of clout chasing in 2022.

The story immediately went viral and Sidika had the internet eating out of the palm of her hand for a couple of days not only in Kenya but around some African countries.

Vera evoked mixed reactions and many on social media slid into her DMs to comfort her and discuss the pros and cons of plastic surgery but before anyone could suspect it, she released a music video throwing the biggest egg on netizens' faces this year.

After being called out for clout chasing, she clapped back saying;

A photo collage of Vera Sidika's real booty with the edited photo of fake booty she used for clout. 
A photo collage of Vera Sidika's real booty with the edited photo of fake booty she used for clout.

"I created awareness of the effects of some butt procedures but never asked anyone to cancel their appointments. Your body, your rules. U decide what u want to do with it or not, I'm not responsible for whatever happens," she wrote.

"For y'all praying for it to actually happen to my booty, you will wait eternity coz my booty is 1000% real from western Kenya! U can take that to the bank. I wouldn't start that conversation if my ass was actually fake. But it's good to see y'all true colours & know the reals & the fakes," she wrote.

Diana B & Bahati

After singer Bahati’s loss in Mathare parliamentary race, he went dead silent and his wife joined in the theatrics.

At the time though, they constantly shared cryptic messages that got netizens worried as at the time, Marua was expecting her third child.

Later the couple released a new song dubbed “Mambo Ya Mhesh” to confirm all was well and the two were only chasing clout.

The couple later released a remix.

Stevo Simple Boy

Rapper Stephen Otieno Adera alias Stevo Simple Boy faked an entire relationship from the engagement ceremony to cohabiting for clout.

The singer's alleged fiancée Jenny Wangui would later confirm they are not dating saying their 'relationship' was just a PR stunt meant for showbiz.

"It was just showbiz and it's over," she later revealed.

Prior to her revelation, Stevo deleted all photos of Jenny from his Instagram account and disclosed that he was heartbroken.

"Umesapoti project zangu kwa Sana na hata kutumia mihela zako kwa kazi zangu na chochote kina mwanzo na mwisho nimekubali matokeo… Nimerudi kazini na Ivi karibuni Nina kitu kikubwa Sana itavunja rekodi kibiashara east Africa."

(You have supported my projects so much and even spent your time on my work and everything has a beginning and an end. I accept the results. I am back to work and soon I have something very big that will break the business record in East Africa)," Stevo wrote.

Fair or foul? Stivo Simple Boy's fiancée reveals their relationship was all for clout
Stevo Simple Boy with Jenny Wangui.

Karen Nyamu

The nominated Senator Karen Nyamu faked an entire beef with his baby daddy Samidoh’s US promoter Bernice Saroni to get the entire internet to talk about the singer’s mugithi tour.

Nyamu and Bernice were thought to be fighting over Samidoh but it turned out the two ladies are actually friends and were taking Kenyans for a ride with their fake online feud.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Nominated Senator admitted she was not embroiled in any fight with Bernice over Samidoh while engaging her fans in an interactive Questions and Answers (Q&A) session on Instagram.

Why are you guys fighting for Samidoh? Is he nice in everything including. Mmmmmmmh,” a fan asked Nyamu.

To which she replied;

“Hahaha don’t get fooled. There’s no fight like that and there will never be.”

Nyamu further shared a screenshot of her video call with the voluptuous US lady just to prove they were clout chasing and making a fool out of unsuspecting Kenyans who thought they were fighting each other over Samidoh.

Karen Nyamu on a plane. (left). Samidoh and Bernice Saroni. 
Karen Nyamu on a plane. (left). Samidoh and Bernice Saroni.

The Kabus

This year, around the Easter season, Bonfire Adventures CEOs Simon and Sarah Kabu put their marriage crisis on the internet.

Their timely feud caught netizens thinking the two were clout chasing but were they, right?

Sarah framed herself to the public as a 'betrayed' woman in her marriage hinting at an increasingly inevitable divorce from her husband.

Speaking during an interview with Christina Lewis on a show dubbed The Voice Of East, Sarah came out as a vulnerable victim in her own marriage of 10 years saying she "wished she had a humble life with love and peace of mind."

She has admitted that her marriage was not close to perfect and she is tired of faking it.

According to Mpasho, the mother of two, in a series of statements on her leaked WhatsApp status posts, claims that her kids were being forcefully taken away from her by her husband.

In one of the posts, which seems to be referring to her husband, Sarah says she is 'done and dusted with him' and thus the decision to take off with their children; a boy and a girl.

It wasn't long before these two reconciled and Sarah promised to give Simon a child but unfortunately, she later disclosed that she suffered a miscarriage with twins.

Sarah Kabu and Simon Kabu. 
Sarah Kabu and Simon Kabu.