Kids win! Churchill intervenes in Jemutai – Prof. Hamo ‘deadbeat fight’

By Naomi Njoroge On Sun, 2 May, 2021 14:48 | < 1 min read

After a heated exchange between Prof. Hamo and comedienne Jemutai over ‘deadbeat’ allegations, comedy chief Churchill Ndambuki has finally come to their rescue.

In a Twitter post, he stated that he held talks with them and agreed to solve the matter in private.

The Churchill Show host who has been their boss noted that , ‘in the end, the kids have to win’.

“We have had a long cordial talk with Hamo & Jemutai and agreed to deal with the matter privately and find an amicable the end, the kids have to win. Have a blessed Sunday.” The tweet read.

This comes hours after Prof. Hamo stated clearly that he has many kids out of wedlock but he caters to all of them denying allegations of being a deadbeat.

The wrangle started days ago when Jemutai requested blogger Edgar Obare to help her sell her Facebook page in order to foot bills and take care of her kids.

“Good morning Edgar, my name is Jemutai. I am a comedian and a mother of two. I am a single mother and life is becoming even harder every day. I have lots of rent arrears.

“I have another choice so I am selling my Facebook account to anyone. It is a business account and it has over 850,000 followers. It goes for 2 bob per follower. I want to start a business and take care of my kids,” read a message from Jemutai to Edgar

The blogger shared the screenshots of the conversation exposing the matter to the public.

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