‘Clout chasing or mental distress’ – Chebet Ronoh’s ex-PA Michelle speaks about her latest outburst

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On Mon, 6 Mar, 2023 16:00 | 2 mins read
'Clout chasing or mental distress' - Chebet Ronoh's ex-PA Mitchelle speaks about her latest stunts
Content creator Deborah Chebet Ronoh. PHOTO/Courtesy

Content creator Deborah Chebet Ronoh's former PA, Naturality Michelle (Michelle Kaibere) now says the comedian could be chasing clout or even worse battling mental health issues with her recent social media outburst.

Speaking to YouTuber Nicholas Kioko, Michelle claimed her recent attack on other content creators using her content to thrive without giving her credit could be a ruse for clout ahead of the release of her alleged diss track.

In her opinion, she said Ronoh should be grateful to get the attention of Kate Actress instead of calling her out.

"For Kate, it's really painful because she is a mother and someone who can also be your mother. If she used the name, Aunty Debs, it should be a win for you because this is someone who has a great voice in the media," Michelle opined.

Speaking on her mental health state, Mitchelle said Ronoh has previously battled depression and has been to a rehabilitation facility for overdoing drugs at some point in her life however she thinks she might have slipped back again.

Ronoh has however disregarded being in mental distress saying she is healed now and that's why she is able to air out her issues.

Mitchelle - a content creator and a moderator - is Ronoh's schoolmate at Daystar University but the two fell out after Ronoh dropped interest in working with her.

Michelle says that Ronoh texted her one day only to say that she had lost interest in the content that they were doing.

"We recorded everything and things looked good since we were just trying to see how the content would sound the next morning. I went to my place after we were done with the recordings but Ronoh texted me to say that she wasn't feeling everything we had done," she stated.

Michelle, however, continued on her own until later when Ronoh reached out saying her body was not 100 per cent okay and also added that their stars were not aligned.

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