Cashy reveals number of kids Khaligraph has sired with multiple women as she slams him for being deadbeat dad

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On Thu, 16 Jun, 2022 09:22 | 2 mins read
Cashy reveals number of kids Khaligraph has sired with multiple women as she slams him for being deadbeat dad
Khaligraph Jones and Cashy Karimi. PHOTO/Khaligraph (@khaligraph_jones)/Instagram.

Khaligraph Jones and his baby mama Cashy Karimi are locked in an ugly tussle over the welfare of their son Xolani.

The celebrity ex-lovers broke up and went their separate ways before she gave birth to their son sometime in September 2018.

The mother of one exposed Khaligraph as a deadbeat for the first time in October 2021 while engaging her fans in an interactive Questions and Answers (Q&A) session on Instagram.

"I'm actually happy the curfew has been lifted because artists can now go back to earning from night gigs! In fact, help me pray for an overflow of events so that your favourite rapper will have zero reasons to claim he can't 'afford' child maintenance it's been so hard bana," Cashy wrote.

Last week Cashy threatened to take action against Khaligraph for being a deadbeat dad to their son Xolani.

Cashy says Khaligraph frustrating her

Speaking during an interview with Milele FM, Cashy said that she was really frustrated a week ago because schools were opening and Khaligraph wasn't helping with the fees.

"Last week I was very frustrated I will be honest because it was 'back to school month'. Many things were happening behind the scene since the DNA test drama. Xolani joined the school and he got an opportunity to join the junior soccer league which is international. The other party [Khaligraph] refused to give his consent. It was really painful. The issue here is that he wants some sort of access which means he is supposed to take some responsibilities for Xolani because now he has joined the school and his needs have increased," Cashy explained.

The mother of one further lamented that Khaligraph is not concerned about Xolani's welfare at all as he doesn't even know where his son stays or what he eats.

"Ata sahi ukiuliza mtoto anaishi wapi you will not be given an answer because hajui or what does the baby eat hakuna jibu lakini mtoi akipata an opportunity yenye inaweza open up his life so that kusikue na any of his need or any of his co-dependence hataki hio story."

Children galore

Cashy revealed that Khaligraph has sired at least seven children with multiple women. She bitterly complained that out of the rapper's seven kids he is only neglecting Xolani.

"Hakuna venye unaweza kuwa na seven children alafu unashangiliwa ju ya watoto sita na mmoja wao anakua secluded, why? (There is no way you can have seven children then you are only being praised for being a caring dad for six kids and one is being secluded, why?)", Cashy protested.