Carrol Sonnie says breakup with Mulamwah affected her mental health

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 28 Feb, 2022 18:06 | < 1 min read

Carol Sonnie has officially broken her silence on her breakup with comedian Mulamwah.

This follows Mulamwah's earlier claims that the actual reason behind their breakup was Carol's infidelity and her attempted abortion while she was three months pregnant.

In an interview with a local radio station, Carrol asked her baby daddy to respect her and their daughter adding that their breakup affected her mental health and that her mother had to step in.

"Mamangu alikuwa anachukua simu yangu ili nisisome jumbe. Niliathiriwa na msongo wa mawazo. Ni mwanamke tu ataweza kuelewa hali hiyo. Nashukuru kuwa mtoto wangu anaendelea vizuri lakini hapo awali ilikuwa ngumu kwake," Carol said.

Loosely translated to; (The breakup affected my mental health my mom had to step in. She used to take my phone so that I don’t read the messages. It’s only a woman who can understand that situation. I’m glad that my baby is doing well because things were difficult for her as well.)

Addressing the abortion claims, she said;

"What I can say is...I respect my baby so much, and I respect Mulamwah. And I respect myself. So I wouldn't want to talk about that...she is growing and she will come to see these things...and I will be the first person she will ask.

I wouldn't want to address that, it is best. Let people believe what they want...respect is what I want from him," she responded. 

In a video that has since been deleted, Mulamwah had earlier accused Carrol Sonnie of trying to abort her pregnancy at three months.

The video was however met with lots of backlash forcing that comedian to delete it.