Miracle Baby’s fiancé Carol Katrue hints she’s pregnant

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On Tue, 27 Sep, 2022 18:05 | 2 mins read
Musician Miracle Baby and his fiancé Carol Katrue PHOTO/Carol Katrue/Facebook

Mugithi musician Peter Miracle Baby’s fiancé, Carol Katrue has hinted that the couple are expecting their firsthand child together.

This comes amid pressure from fans for the couple to have a baby.

Carol Katrue baby bump

Recently, Carol sparked reactions across social media after sharing a photo that exposed her growing baby bump.

The couple took the photo at a studio where they unveiled the YouTube plaque having surpassed 100,000 subscribers.

Carol captioned the photo; “Hizi ndizo effects za baridi. Tunawapenda sana continue watching our brand new song pale YouTube.”

Carol Katrue
Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue PHOTO/Carol Katrue/Facebook

Woman paid to fake pregnancy

Elsewhere, a lady only identified as Brendah, who alleged to be pregnant for Miracle Baby revealed that the pregnancy claim was fake.

According to her, she was lured to make those claims by one of the singer’s baby mamas who offered her Ksh3500.

"It was all a lie. I was paid Ksh 3,500 and I had to take it. I would like to say I'm so sorry to Peter and Carol, " she said

Brendah while speaking on a local Youtube channel, said she first met Peter in 2020 at a hotel in Mlolongo.

She claimed Peter had agreed to take care of her as long as the pregnancy remained a secret between them.

According to her, Miracle Baby's girlfriend Carol Katrue was alleged to be the stumbling block and made it hard for him to provide for the rest of the other women associated with him.

Miracle Baby begs wife

In January, the singer took to Instagram to beg his wife to get back home.

He lamented how his wife has denied him time with his friends and even how she scolds him like a baby whenever he does anything wrong.

“Nitaongea ukweli umenikalia saana saaana umenifungia saana ady sipati time na maarif wangu nikidu kitu ya ufala wewe hunikelelesha Kama mtoto,” said Miracle Baby.

Miracle Baby mentioned that despite all that he hasn’t found anyone who treats him the way his lover does.

“Lakini wacha nikuambie kitu moja na uniskize kwa makini siku yenye utawai badilisha kuduu ivo wee hunidu tutakosana na nitakusema kwa mum coz nmezunguka Dunia sijawai pata mwenye atanipatia favor yenye umenipea beb nakupenda coz you are two in one una represent my mum na my wife at the same time,” he added.

Miracle Baby and Carol Katrue PHOTO/Carol Katrue/Facebook