Bride left furious after make-up artist fails to hide ‘imperfection’ on her face

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On Mon, 11 Apr, 2022 19:14 | 2 mins read
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Getting everything done professionally for a wedding is no cheap task, and when you're paying premium prices, you expect the results to be out of this world.

But one bride-to-be on TikTok has been left furious after she parted with $300 (Ksh34,605 ) for her make-up and was underwhelmed by the results - as she claimed she does a better job herself when she does her own make-up every day.

The woman, named Haley, shared a video in which she showed off the finished look, which had been done ahead of her wedding day as a trial to make sure she was happy with the service.

And she most definitely wasn't impressed, as the professional make-up artist had seemingly used the wrong shade of foundation for Haley's face, and had failed to use any primer - meaning the make-up was creasing around her nose and did little to hide the imperfections on her skin.

Haley, who posts under the username @stellarb0mb, wrote on the clip: "I paid $300 ( Ksh34,605) for this!?"

She also captioned the video: "What the actual duck?"

The viral video has received over 62,000 likes and more than 940,000 views, with commenters left equally baffled by the disastrous result - as many of them couldn't believe the look was professionally done.

One person said: "This is what end of the day work make-up looks like."

While another added: "Anyone who is saying this isn’t bad is lying to you. Wedding make-up should be flawless, especially at that price, and you can get much better work for your money."

"Anyone who's saying this looks fine is on one. It's really amateur at best," a third posted, "most of us do better make-up just to go to work or the grocery store."

Other commenters were unable to see the issue with the look, but Haley was quick to respond that it wasn't the flawless standard she expected for paying such a high price.

She told one person: "I do better make-up on myself."

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