Brendah Jons offers words of wisdom, encouragement to fans fighting addiction

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On Fri, 31 May, 2024 09:03 | 2 mins read
Content creator Brendah Jons . PHOTO/@brendahjons/Instagram

Kenyan digital content creator Brenda Jons has advised a fan who confessed to struggling with adult movie addiction.

During the question and answer section, Brenda Jons, through her official Instagram page told a fan who asked to be guided on how to get rid of the addiction to first acknowledge that he/she is not in control and that they couldn't use his or her power to conquer something.

Adding that some things need extreme actions so that one can get rid of them such as getting rid of a smartphone to get over indecency addiction.

Kenyan content creator Brenda Jons. PHOTO/@brendahjons/Instagram

“Am really struggling to get rid of (indecency) addiction my heart is willing but a times my flesh is weak,” a fan asked.

“You have to acknowledge that you aren’t in control and you can't use your own power to conquer some things. Alafu kuna if you really need to get rid of utafanya vitu actively like if in (indecency) unaweza ata get rid of smartphone etc. Somethings need extreme actions to get rid of them,” Brenda Jons said.

Brendah Jons born again

A few days ago, Brendah made a social media comeback citing spiritual renewal as a reason for taking a break from the socials.

The digital content creator revealed that she was focusing on deepening her connection with her faith during the three-month break.

“I took 3 months away to just soak and hear God more clearly. It's been the best vacation ever!!!!,” she said.

“For such a long time I was defined by social media, it was all I knew and it was about time I just learnt who God says I am. When He speaks in Jeremiah 1:5 “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you; before you were born, I sanctified you; and I ordained you a prophet to the nations.”

Brendah went on to say that she felt it was time for her to rediscover herself through salvation and not social media.

“I needed to know who that person is. How does He define me and what a faithful God? I've managed to read the word more and more and be able to meditate on it and when He says, John 10:27. The sheep recognize the voice of the shepherd, the one who feeds them, guides them and protects them,” she said.

“Now I can hear Him more. How beautiful. I missed you friends, catch me up, what has the Lord been teaching you?”

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