‘This man is so selfish and full of himself’ – Brenda Otieno insists Bahati must pay her

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On Wed, 17 May, 2023 14:58 | 2 mins read
'This man is so selfish and full of himself' - Brenda Otieno insists Bahati must pay her
Bahati and Brenda Otieno. Photos/Courtesy

Video vixen Brenda Otieno has once again come out to slam Bahati over payment issues regarding the role she played in the singer's music video ‘Adhiambo’.

Bahati and Prince Indah collaborated to drop ‘Adhiambo’ in May 2021 which became the number-one song on YouTube on the very first day it was released.

The singer featured Brenda Otieno as the main video vixen in 'Adhiambo'.

Brenda has now come out to give Bahati a 24-hour ultimatum to pay her for her role in 'Adhiambo' or she will institute a lawsuit against him.

In a video shared on social media, Brenda complained that she was tired of being quiet about not being paid by Bahati.

"Today I am doing a video because I am tired of being quiet. I have been quiet for a very long time a year and a plus. Someone who can reach Bahati can somebody tell him that I am giving him 24 hours from now if he doesn't pay me for being a video vixen in 'Adhiambo' song I am going to sue him," Brenda lamented.

"I am a woman this man takes advantage. I do a video, the video has 24 million views he has never paid me up to date. If he doesn't reach out to me and talk to me and tell me how and when he is going to pay me I am going to take this matter to the law. It is that serious this time," she added.

In a post on her InstaStories, Brenda claimed that she was asked to keep quiet last year when she publicly complained that Bahati had not paid her.

"This time am not keeping quiet and I am done keeping quiet. Last year when I complained for not being paid by Bahati I was asked to keep quiet thinking he was going to do something. This man is so selfish and full of himself," Brenda wrote.


Brenda Otieno publicly slammed Bahati for not paying her for the first time in May 2022.

The video vixen claimed that Bahati offered to pay her Ksh10,000 for a whole day shoot which according to her was too little and thus she turned it down.

Yes, Bahati and his team never paid me so let nobody think I have contact with those rude and disrespectful humans.

Been quiet since coz felt it wasn’t big deal after all my pride wouldn’t allow me get paid 10k for a whole day shoot. You either pay what am worth or you keep your cheap money,” Brenda Otieno wrote on InstaStory.

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