Blogger Edgar Obare speaks after his Instagram account was deactivated

By , K24 Digital
On Mon, 30 Aug, 2021 18:10 | < 1 min read
Blogger Edgar Obare. PHOTO/COURTESY

Popular Kenyan blogger Edgar Obare has broken his silence after his Instagram account was deactivated days after the wash-wash exposè.

Using his other account @BNNke, Obare said he was well aware that would happen and assured his fans he is working towards recovering his official page.

''My main account has been deactivated, working to get it restored. Meanwhile, we already prepared for these outcomes and I can also be posting here," he wrote.

Most netizens raised concerns over his whereabouts in the wake of his missing Instagram account throwing Twitter in a heated debate.

Although there were a few who dismissed it as a clout chasing stunt, the general consensus was alarmed by the sudden disappearance of Obare's main page and his well being.

Last week, Obare in a thread of Insta-stories exposed the wash-wash business and a group of flamboyant businessmen believed to be part of the money fraudulent business.

The exposè immediately went viral and the 'tea master' had the internet eating out the palm of her hand for the better part of the weekend.

He linked several personalities with the dirty business with some coming out to deny and distance themselves from the allegations.