Bien’s wife angrily chases away female reveller caught grinding on her husband

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Bien's wife angrily chases away female reveller caught grinding on her husband
Chiki chased away woman who was grinding on her husband. PHOTOS/Screengrab.

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien was caught up in a precarious situation after his wife Chiki ‘Kuruka’ Onwukwe forced a female fan off the stage during his gig.

Bien was among the musicians who performed at the NRG Radio event dubbed the Mixed And Matched which was held on Saturday, January 28, 2023, at the KCA, ABSA ground.

The singer tagged along his wife Chiki Kuruka who also joined him on stage as he performed.

Chiki caused drama when a female fan sneaked past security to dance with Bien on stage.

The reveller twerked for Bien but the singer wasn't interested in the erotic dance and even turned away at one point.

Chiki, on noticing what was happening, quickly went to where her husband was and chased away the female fan from the stage.

Bien's wife was later seen ranting at security seemingly for failing to stop the woman from getting onto the stage.

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Bien, Chiki nearly divorced

Even though Bien and Chiki are so tight, an incident in 2020 nearly saw the celebrity couple part ways.

Speaking during an interview in February 2022, Bien said that Chiki and he almost broke up at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“My wife and I have been married for two years now, we got married a week before the pandemic started. When you get married, nobody gives you the tools, people are happy for you. For a long time in my life, I only looked at my wife as a love interest romantically and then the pandemic happened. Being in the house all day with my chick every day, amazing as she is, it was driving me nuts. The small things became the big things and 8 months in, I was like I want a divorce, this is too much,” Bien said during an interview with local media.

The Sauti Sol lead singer revealed that he was forced to seek the services of a marriage counsellor to save his marriage.

“I started going for counselling and I was like men I don’t wanna be married. I didn’t realise that when we were dating, I was just travelling. I would come back for two weeks and I was all lovey-dovey, then my house was empty for a whole year and I was like babe move into my house instead of paying rent,” said Bien.

The two managed to patch up things after the counselling and have since learnt how to deal with marital challenges.

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