‘You’re an idiot. Useless burukenge’ – Bien unforgivingly insults Eric Omondi

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On Sat, 1 Oct, 2022 09:47 | 3 mins read
'Will not, shall not and will never be allowed entry'- Bien bans Eric Omondi from Sol Fest
Eric Omondi and Bien. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien clashed with comedian Eric Omondi after he accused him of misleading fellow Kenyan musicians.

Eric took a swipe at Bien after Apple Music released the full list of the most played songs in Kenya which was dominated by songs done by Nigerian and American musicians.

Bien is the only Kenyan musician who is featured on the list. Eric claimed that Bien understands showbiz but he doesn't want other musicians to get to where he is.

"So Apple Music released the Top 100 Songs in Kenya and only two are Kenyan and both belong to this guy!!! Let me explain to you why Bien is the only Kenyan on this list. He understands showbiz and he knows what the people want but he doesn't want others to get to where he is and that's why he fights my course so bitterly and passionately.

"Enyewe Witchcraft manifests in different forms. While Bien disagrees with me, he knows am right and is implementing the same things he is disagreeing with. Kama hio sio uchawi na roho chafu then I dont know what is. Bien is doing the right thing but he doesn't want others to do the same ndio ikue tu ni yeye. I told you bien ni wale watu usoma usiku kama kila mtu amelala lakini mkiamka anawaambia "Twendeni tucheze Football"!!! Bien is a book we must all study to fully Understand Ingenuity, Hardwork and Witchcraft," Eric Omondi wrote on social media.

Bien angrily responded to Eric's post.

"You’re an idiot. Honestly what are you even saying. 95% of the artists on that list are not doing gimmicks. They’re simply putting out songs. Show me a gimmick in my life. I have only always made music. You’ve pushed this agenda for too long. Willy Paul doesn’t have to date all those women he has worked with. Jovial did not have to date Mario. Hizo gimmicks zinachosha. POLICY POLICY POLICY!!!!! Nigeria the other day said NO FOREIGN MODELS in their adverts. Those are the things that make them prosper!!!! When systems are made right everybody wins. STOP EMBARRASSING YOURSELF LOOKING FOR LIKES IN THE NAME OF SHOWBIZ!!!!! STOP WITH YOUR CROSS DRESSING ASS BULLSHIT," Bien commented on Eric's post.

Bien says comedy is on its deathbed

The Sauti Sol lead singer further questioned why Eric Omondi was so concerned about music yet he is a comedian. He claimed Kenya's comedy was on its deathbed while Eric is busy focusing on music.

"Because where is your Netflix comedy special? Or whatever metric they use to measure success in comedy. You take out your steam on music while comedy is on its deathbed. Useless burukenge," Bien ranted.

YY supports Eric

Comedian YY came out to support Eric Omondi's notion that Bien is misleading other musicians while he is doing very well musically.

"The fact that Bien is on the list (Apple Music list) should also communicate something... It's very good case to study why him," YY wrote.

"Bien ni wale machopi hudanganya engine walale exam ikikam ako top 3," he added.

Bien says he can't be advised by losers

Bien further called on Eric Omondi to rein in his fans who were insulting and advising him on his inbox, stressing that he couldn't be advised by people who have nothing in life.

"Eric Omondi get your fans out of my DM. People who have achieved nothing in life coming to insult and advise. I can only be advised by someone more successful than I am. I'm the only one on that damn list anyway," Bien wrote.

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