Man whose photo was used in meme shared by Sauti Sol’s Bien demands compensation

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On Fri, 20 May, 2022 13:50 | 2 mins read
A photo collage of boy band Sauti Sol and Morrison Litiema. PHOTO/Courtesy
A photo collage of boy band Sauti Sol and Morrison Litiema. PHOTO/Courtesy

One Morrison Litiema, who is apparently one of Jalango’s employees is demanding compensation and an apology from Bien Aime after the latter used his picture as a meme.

Bien-Aimé Baraza of boyband Sauti Sol. PHOTO/Bien (@bienaimesol/Instagram
Bien-Aimé Baraza of boyband Sauti Sol. PHOTO/Bien (@bienaimesol/Instagram

According to Morrison, Bien was out of order and he reminded him of his past that he prefers not to be reminded of.

After the entire Sauti Sol-Azimio tangle, the boy band lost about 2000 followers on Youtube.

Bien from the boyband, Sauti Sol however didn’t seem bothered by the news and he simply reacted with a message that read; ‘Wale wanashuka washuke saa hii. Stage yao imefika.’ (To mean, that those who didn’t want to listen to their music anymore were free to unsubscribe from their channel.)

Bien also shared a meme of a man who is in a bedsitter with the caption; ‘I am unsubscribing @Sautisol chilling in the crib.’

Morrison now alleges that he is the man in the photo.

He is claiming that he has received negative feedback from different people saying that he doesn’t support any local artists.

Through his social media page he wrote a lengthy statement that read;

'To my dear brother Bien Aime, it was out of order to use my image without my consent. The picture in use has made me suffer emotionally since it reminds me of a place had never wished to go back to. Have received negative criticism from different persons claiming that I don't support local artists, let it be known that have never unsubscribed or unfollowed your YouTube or any social media account. Therefore I demand an apology over the incident that occurred.'

Morrison said that he wanted to be compensated as his photo was being used without his permission.

‘...hata mimi munilipe kwa kutumia pictures yangu bila ruhusa yangu,’ he wrote.

Below are some reactions to Morrison’s post.

"Hii rusungu ni lwako? Litiema Kabisa compensation."

"Makosa!!ulipwe ama apologize for ama they shall hear from your lawyers 10M bro wasikugonge."

"Anafaa akulipe no one should demoralize a person's emotions for free kwanza hii picha yako iko kila mahali."

Bien recently came out and revealed that his legal team is in talks with the Azimio coalition regarding copyright issues.

The singer said he is expecting even Ksh1 billion shillings from the coalition adding that ‘Mwisho wa mwezi baba hatanilipia rent na maji. Ni muhimu wakenya waelewe.'

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