Bien: Why I abandoned wedding ring, went for tattoo

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On Wed, 27 Jul, 2022 14:29 | 3 mins read
Bien Barasa
Sauti Sol singer Bien-Aime Barasa and his wife Chiki Kuruka PHOTO/@chikikuruka/Instagram

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien-Aime Baraza has explained why he no longer wears his wedding ring.

The singer married his wife, Chiki Kuruka, in a civil union at the Attorney General’s office some time in 2020.

Wedding ring tattoo

In an interview with SPM Buzz, the musician said he replaced his actual wedding ring with a tattoo after loosing it.

Bien noted that he tends to loose items and went for a tattoo as a permanent replacement for his lost ring.

"I lost my actual ring! I had it but it got lost and I chose to have a tattoo instead because it won't go anywhere and also I feel I have a bad relationship with items

“I feel like you can't attach value to an item. People get angry when they see their lovers not without their wedding rings, why? They are not a dog that you put a leash on them,” he said.

Bien Barasa
Singer Bien Barasa and his wife Chiki Kuruka PHOTO/@chikikuruka/Instagram

Bien Barasa on divorcing wife

In February, the musician opened up on challenges that he faced immediately he got into marriage with his dancer wife.

Bien noted that adapting to the marriage life took a toll on him that he even contemplated divorcing his wife eight months after their wedding.

“My wife and I have been married for two years now, we got married a week before the pandemic started. When you get married, nobody gives you the tools, people are happy for you

“For a long time in my life, I only looked at my wife as a love interest romantically and then the pandemic happened,” he said.

Bien stated that being around his wife for the whole day started affecting him.

“Being in the house all day with my chick every day, amazing as she is, it was driving me nuts. The small things became the big things and 8 months in, I was like I want a divorce, this is too much,” he said.

Bien Barasa
Singer Bien Barasa playing his guitar PHOTO/@bienaimesol/Instagram

Consulting a marriage counselor

The singer said the same affected him to the point that he sought help from a marriage counselor on how to cope with it.

Bien also recalled the moment Chiki moved into his house.

"I started going for counselling and I was like men I don't wanna be married. I didn't realise that when we were dating, I was just travelling

“I would come back for two weeks and I was all lovey dovey, then my house was empty for a whole year and I was like babe move into my house instead of paying rent," he added.

Bien Barasa
Singet Bien Barasa and Chiki Kuruka got married in 2020 PHOTO/@chikikuruka/Instagram