Betty Kyallo denies links to wash wash cartel

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Betty Kyallo denies links to wash wash cartel
Betty Kyallo. PHOTO/Betty (@bettymuteikyallo)Instagram.

Betty Kyallo was among a handful of celebrities who were exposed by blogger Edgar Obare for allegedly engaging in the illegal wash wash business – money printing and fake gold scams.

Obare on August 28, 2021, dropped a damning exposé which shed light on the infamous Kilimani fraudsters behind the multi-million shilling fake gold scams and fake money printing business – popularly known as wash wash.

It was revealed that the well-connected fraudsters were mostly based in Kilimani area and lived large as they paraded their lavish lifestyles on social media.

The con artists were said to enjoy the company of beautiful women, partied in high-end clubs, and changed high-end vehicles like clothes.

Obare said the wash wash cartel worked in cahoots with celebrities to launder their illegally obtained monies.

He explained that the wash wash fraudsters usually open high-end salons, petrol stations, nightclubs, liquor stores etc. for celebrities and then use those businesses to hide the origins of their monies.

The blogger stated that the cartel usually pumps money into businesses opened for celebs they work with which would then be deposited in banks as ‘profit’ to mislead the government and financial institutions about the true origin of those monies – money laundering 101.

Obare mentioned Betty Kyallo

Some of the celebs allegedly involved in the wash wash business who were mentioned in the exposé by Edgar Obare included; Jackson Makini alias Prezzo, Betty Kyallo, Jalang’o, KRG the Don, Mohammed Noor (Somali Bae), Adan Sonko, Ben Gatu, Paul Kobia, Chris Obure, Jared Otieno, Don Bosco Gichana, Allan Chesang and Shaffie Weru.

Politicians mentioned included; Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi, Embakasi East MP Babu Owino, Steve Mbogo and Zaheer Jhanda.

Betty recently rubbished claims she is involved in the wash wash cartel while speaking on her reality show Kyallo Culture.

She complained that it hurts her when people assume that she funds her flourishing businesses and lifestyle through 'easy money'.

"I work hard for my money and therefore, I never like it when people think I do wash-wash business," Betty Kyallo lamented.

Betty owns and operates at least four multimillion shillings businesses which she built through hard work and sweat.

She started with a beauty parlour known as Flair with Betty. She then added three other businesses, and they have all been successful.

Betty’s other businesses include; Aftershave, Magic Business Centre and Betty Kyallo Closet.

Apart from running businesses, Betty Kyallo also earns from advertising brands banking on her celebrity status.

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