Betty Kyallo set to marry new lover in ‘simple’ wedding

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On Thu, 16 Mar, 2023 16:15 | 2 mins read
Betty Kyallo rules out 'big wedding', reveals plan to settle down with new lover
Betty Kyallo. Photo/Instagram (@bettymuteikyallo)

Betty Kyallo is dating again albeit in secret. She intends to keep her new relationship on the low until she gets married.

The mother of one opened up about her mystery lover while speaking to Jalang'o during the relaunch of her beauty parlour 'Flair By Betty'.

"There is this new boyfriend in your life but you have not shown him anywhere why?" Jalang'o asked Betty.

The media personality explained that she wants to do things differently in her new relationship, adding that she wants to date in secret until she gets married.

"I feel like this time I want to do it differently nataka sana tu just date on the down low because naonaga hii kitu ya kuweka wasee vitu mingi online sometimes zina kacurse kidogo so I want to put uko chini mbaka sasa tuamue tuoane nini nini," Betty Kyallo said.

"Muoane? So this time you are getting married again?" Jalang'o posed.

To which Betty replied; "Waallai yeah."

"So you are ready to walk down the aisle one more time?" Jalang'o probed.

Betty said she no longer fancies ostentatious displays of love and material possessions and as such, she would not have a big wedding.

"I don't think I will do those big weddings have come to realize that it's all about two people. So these fanfare sijui mababy shower... am like just be happy me am gonna do just something nice," she said.

"How long have you been dating?" Jalang'o asked.

The mother of one revealed that she has secretly been dating her mystery boyfriend for about a year.

"About a year chini ya maji," she said.

Asked about having baby number two, Betty Kyallo said she couldn't wait to be a mother again since her daughter Ivanna has been demanding to have siblings.

"Of cause yeah I think it is time I should have. Ivanna has been asking for a sister and a brother. So I think she needs somebody to take care of so ntamtafutia, ntangangana," Betty said.

Nick Ndeda

Betty Kyallo opted to strictly keep her dating life off cameras after breaking up with Nick Ndeda.

The media personality-turned-businesswoman expressed regrets about introducing her ex-boyfriend on social media during an interview in August 2022.

Kyallo noted that it was unnecessary for her to introduce Ndeda on her social media platforms which she termed her personal space.

“In my last relationship, I put him out on social media and I am now like, I will never do that again. That is my space and we should stop overlapping each other when it comes to my social media space,” she said.

Notably, during their relationship, Betty was the one doing the most while Ndeda rarely posted her or even made a fuss about their relationship.

The former K24 news anchor introduced Ndeda to the public after months of speculations and keeping their relationship under wraps.

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