Betty Kyallo still coy about her secret boyfriend

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Betty Kyallo still coy about her secret boyfriend
Betty Kyallo. PHOTO/Courtesy

Betty Kyallo opted to keep her dating life off social media after breaking up with lawyer Nick Ndeda in December 2021.

The media personality ultimately decided to confirm that she was dating again while speaking during a phone call interview with Ankali Ray on Milele FM.

Betty told Ankali that she was hiding her boyfriend like marijuana.

Ankali Ray: Umemficha (you are hiding him).

Betty Kyallo: Kama bangi (like marijuana).

Ankali Ray: Mbona umemficha hivyo? (Why are you hiding him like that?)

Betty Kyallo: Ndo inafaa (That's the way it should be).

The mother of one at one point during the phone call interview told Ankali Ray that she wanted to stop talking and move closer to her boyfriend as they were having a meal together.

"Wacha nikaribie huyu kabla niachwe (let me move closer to him before he leaves me)," Betty said.

Betty dropped the strongest hints she was dating again in October 2022.

The mother of one shared a photo of herself holding a bouquet of flowers, saying it was the highlight of her week.

Speaking about the flowers she received during a recent interview in December 2022 with a local publisher, Betty refused to confirm or deny she was dating again.

I am very happy and about that photo of me holding flowers, Kwani siwezi pendwa na my mum ama Yesu,” Betty said.

The media personality further revealed she took time off dating after breaking up with Nick Ndeda because of her mother’s advice.

“My mum said I should not rush again and I decided to wait but something also happened and we are at a good place,” Betty said.

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