Best ever nostalgic Christmas playlist

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On Sat, 3 Dec, 2022 06:00 | 2 mins read
A graphical representation of best ever nostalgic Christmas playlist.
A graphical representation of best ever nostalgic Christmas playlist.

December is here and the holiday season is fast approaching.

As we wait for the festivities, it’s time to get into the celebration mood with some Christmas music.

The list is a compilation of seasonal tunes stretching from the classics of crooners like Michael Bublé, and Boney M to modern feel-good holiday tracks from the likes of Mariah Carrey.

Mary's boy child - Boney M

This is a Biblical explanation of what Christmas entails – the birth of Jesus.

It gives a message of hope for the future that all will be well making it a go-to this holiday season.

All I want for Christmas - Mariah Carey

If you’re looking for a modern and popular Christmas song, ‘All I want for Christmas’ by Mariah Carey is a safe bet.

This festive tune is currently back on trend. It’s an expression of what you hope for Christmas.

Tell Santa all your wishes!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

This classic festive song is an all-time favourite from Michael Bublé.

The feel-good track gets you into the Christmas spirit. It is easy to listen to, comforting, and all-around captivating.

Just the two of us - Grover Washington Jr

This song by Grover Washington Jr is just the perfect tune if you are preparing for the Christmas season with a close friend, parent, sibling, or loved one only.

It’s beginning to look like Christmas

You know that time when it’s Christmas eve and you are feeling a bit nostalgic and want a well-known song, try listening to this tune by Michael Buble.

The Gift - Adrienne & Israel Houghton

If you want to send your friends or loved ones beautiful dedication, this is the right song during this time.

This is a fun and cheerful song without the standard Christmas carolling vibe by Hollywood couple Adrienne & Israel Houghton.

It’s the Christmas season, enjoy the gifts!

Little Drummer Boy - Pentatonix

This is a perfect choral song about Christmas and all the activities around it.

It is a compilation of beautifully blended harmonies of various voices of the members of Pentatonix making it quite literally the perfect backing track.

If you need a song to relax to, this Christmas, make sure you listen to this one.

Last Christmas - Wham

This is not a holiday song but a classic Christmas heartbreak song by Wham.

This song is an ensemble of sad, painful lyrics. It allows you to convey the despair of experiencing heartbreak during Christmas time.

Happy holidays!

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