Bernice Saroni spends quality time with Samidoh in Kenya, says Karen Nyamu is mere side chick

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On Thu, 2 Nov, 2023 09:28 | 3 mins read
Bernice Saroni and Samidoh (left). Karen Nyamu (right). PHOTOS/Instagram (@bernicesaroni, @karenzo.nyamu)

Bernice Saroni shared photos of Samidoh and her hanging out together while in the company of other people.

The US-based businesswoman expressed her joy after spending quality time with Samidoh and company in Kenya.

"Good moments," Bernice captioned some of the photos she posted on her Instagram account.

Bernice Saroni and Samidoh posing for a picture with other people. PHOTO/Instagram (@bernicesaroni)
Bernice Saroni and Samidoh hanging out together with another person. PHOTO/Instagram (@bernicesaroni)
Bernice Saroni and Samidoh posed for a picture together. PHOTO/Instagram (@bernicesaroni)

Speaking during a recent interview with Plug TV, Bernice Saroni strongly insisted she could not possibly date Samidoh while making reference to the singer's US music tour last year when rumours emerged that they had a thing because she was with him throughout the tour.

"Wakati Samidoh alienda kule US and you actually part of the music promotion mwenye ulikua unampeleka huku na kule people started saying that wewe ndo mumama umeweka Samidoh. You were angry about that?" The interviewer asked.

"Ju mi I don't date married men na siekangi wanaume I date real men, I don't date boys. Yeah, I don't date small boys," she replied.

Asked how she is related to Samidoh, Bernice Saroni refused to confirm or deny that they are cousins, insisting that they are just family.

"Yes we are related. We are family. Wee jua tu we are family. Wee jua tu we are related, I have already answered you," Bernice stated.

Side chick

Bernice Saroni also strongly denied that she was friends with Samidoh's baby mama Karen Nyamu.

"One thing that happened on the internet is that the famous Karen Nyamu alisema nyinyi muko marafiki hadi akavideo call kuonyeshana kwamba you and her talk?" The interviewer asked.

"No I am not friends with her. I already answered that thing on my Facebook that time so I don't wanna go back there," she replied.

Bernice additionally said Karen Nyamu was a mere side chick to Samidoh while absolving herself from claims that she wrecked the singer's marriage to Edday Nderitu by aiding her 'escape' to the US.

"There are speculations that you are probably the main reason why she left her husband Samidoh?" Bernice was asked.

"Kwani Samidoh was dating Bernice ama Karen Nyamu?" She rudely dismissed the speculations.

"Venye alienda uku tu akili ikachange akasema she doesn't want to come back (when she got to the US she changed her mind and said she didn't want to come back)," the interviewer posed.

"Hio swali ebu endeni mukaulize Karen Nyamu coz ye ndo side chick wa Samidoh not me. Ata sioni Bernice na Karen mahali inakaribiana (that question go and ask Karen Nyamu because she is Samidoh's side chick not me. I don't see where Bernice and Karen are related)," Bernice Saroni answered.

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