Bena Wa Malines responds after being accused of being deadbeat dad

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On Sat, 18 Nov, 2023 12:16 | 3 mins read
Kenyan content creator Bena Wa Malines. PHOTO/Facebook
Kenyan content creator Bena Wa Malines. PHOTO/Bena/Facebook

Kenyan comedian Benard Kamulu alias Bena Wa Malines has broken his silence to respond to claims of being a neglectful father.

This comes just days after a woman named Lydia Waithera came forward, alleging that he had neglected both her and their child.

Taking to his Instagram stories, the TikTok sensation addressed the swirling rumours, highlighting the prevalence of misinformation on the internet.

"The internet is full of information, some facts, some false, some are real, some are scripted. Some of us are here to create and entertain, and some are here to chase clout and defame. Do not believe everything the media feeds you," Bena stated.

He acknowledged the existence of false accusations and the lack of appreciation that celebrities may encounter on the internet.

"Some people will find all means to bring you down, some people accuse you falsely, some will fail to appreciate you," he remarked.

In light of the deadbeat claims by the lady, Bena Wa Malines in a recent interview acknowledged that he had a child and he lived with his mother noting that he didn't have a wife that he knows of.

He dismissed the allegations noting that they just clout-chasing attempts on the side of the woman.

Bena highlighted that this wasn't the first woman to bring forth such accusations since he became famous.

The comedian maintained that he didn't know the woman claiming to be associated with him romantically.

"Hizo ni clout chasing tu. Unajua ukiwa famous utaona vitu kama hizi. Hata kuna time ilihappen pia," Bena expressed.

Deadbeat accusations

In an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Waithera alleged that she was Bena Wa Maline's wife and they had been living together for close to two years.

She revealed that she had a three-month-old baby when they met and Bena pledged to take care of her child as his own.

She narrated how their lives took a positive turn after the comedian gained fame. As a result, they decided to live together, and over time, they welcomed their second child.

"Bena tulipatania huku Juja tukakuwa friends for a while. Wakati tulikuwa tunapatana nilikuwa na mtoto mwingine, msichana who was three months then. She is now 2 years old. Tulipatana na sasa akakuwa ni yeye anatake care of my child," she recounted.

"After a while, alikuja akatrend,akamove out from kwao na akatupeleka kwake. Mambo ikakuwa tu poa up to sasa vile nilipata mtoto wa pili, huyu mwenye nilipata juzi," she added.

Waithera narrated that after giving birth things changed drastically as Bena became noticeably distant and indifferent towards her.

"Tumekuwa tukisumbuana for a while, anakuwa ako na mambo mengi yenye haileweki..." she shared.

She proceeded to allege that Bena had been bringing his friends into their relationship issues.

Screengrab from Nicholas Kioko YouTube channel of the lady claiming to be Bena Wa Maline's wife. PHOTO/Screengrab by Ascah Mwango
Screengrab from Nicholas Kioko's YouTube channel of the lady claiming to be Bena Wa Maline's wife. PHOTO/Screengrab by Ascah Mwango

She also revealed that he relocated them to live with his parents.

"Ukimwambia asaidie mtoto ni kama mnavurutana... Anakuambia hana pesa. Saa zingine anaingiza hadi marafiki zake. Anaenda anaambia marafiki zake our problems. So mi ilifika point nikaona ananibeba ufala. Sahi hatuishi pamoja, alinipeleka home. But sasa hakuclear up things kwa wazazi wangu," she said.

The mother of two implored Bena to accept accountability for their child and to care for him with the same love and dedication he showed towards her first child who is not his biological child.

He urged him to stop acting the way he does and consider taking care of his family.

"Kitu naeza sema, kama ataona hii interview, vile alinichukua nikiwa na mtoto wangu wa kwanza, apende ata huyu mwingine, juu ni wake. na awache hizo vitu anafanya, aangalie familia yake. Hatuwezi build home na marafiki," she said.

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