Bamboo ignites beef with musician Mejja

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On Fri, 5 Aug, 2022 15:14 | 3 mins read
Singers Mejja and Bamboo PHOTO/@bambooafricanbantu/Instagram

Veteran Kenyan rapper Simon Kimani, alias Bamboo has called out Genge musician Mejja oer the type of music that he sings.

Bamboo who shifted from the secular to the gospel industry said the musician is instilling bad morals to the young generation.

Change your ways

The gospel singer asked Mejja to change the contents of his songs and do music that will inspire generations to come.

He stressed that it is wrong for artistes to make money at the expense of the next generation.

“You could find that some of these artistes are not drinking but they are promoting alcohol and making money at the expense of the next generation

"It is the same thing you see in politics, where you see them make billions of shillings at the expense of the poor people,” Bamboo said.

Rapper turned gospel singer Bamboo PHOTO/@bambooafricanbantu/Instagram

Bamboo on Gengetone music

Bamboo also disapproved Gengetone music noting that engaging in such type of music amounts to wastage of time.

He noted that Mejja should find something else, apart from promoting alcohol that would give him a decent income.

“Mejja does not realise that by promoting alcohol, he is wasting his time. While you are busy promoting alcohol, other nations are investing in your country. You might end up becoming a nation of slavery while you are getting drunk without thinking about tomorrow

“While you are drunk and healing hangovers, you are wasting your time which is the most valuable thing that you have in life,” Bamboo stated.

Genge Artist Mejja PHOTO/COURTESY

Bamboo and Jose Chameleon

In 2020, Bamboo sparked reactions after accusing Ugandan singer Jose Chameleon of introducing his wife to ‘lucifer’.

In an interview on TV47, the singer said;

“There are also african artistes who have sold their souls to the devil, one of the famous artistes in Uganda introduced my wife to lucifer. At the time she was just a soccerer. His name is chameleone. Spiritually he is a high level soccerer.”

In 2015, Chameleone rubbished reports that he has joined a cult and labelled those linking him to occult practice.

Rumours have been doing rounds that the singer had joined ‘illuminati’ for more wealth and fame.

In a past interview, Chameleon rubbished the claims, saying he is neither a member of any cult nor has no plans of joining one.

“I don’t know what Illuminati is. That video you saw was an act of magic. Ihad met a very good friend of mine called Bernard. He is a magician from Switzerland. He was taking me through some magic lessons and the video was nothing serious. It was just a mere magic trick,” he said.

Kenyan singer Bamboo PHOTO/@bambooafricanbantu/Instagram

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