Terence Creative insists he has no problem with Bahati fondling and grinding on his wife’s butt

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On Tue, 25 Oct, 2022 16:40 | 2 mins read
Terence Creative insists he has no problem with Bahati fondling and grinding on his wife's butt
Bahati and Milly Chebby dancing together (left). Terence Creative and Milly Chebby (right). PHOTOS/Courtesy.

Bahati and content creator Milly Chebby raised eyebrows after a steamy video of them grinding on each other erotically surfaced online.

In the video, Milly Chebby was seen rhythmically shaking her big booty while bending over as Bahati rubbed his nether region against her butt while holding her by the waist.

Bahati’s wife Diana Marua was present and was even seen recording the erotic dance.


The video caused an outbreak of public anger and excitement in equal measure. A section of netizens condemned Bahati and Chebby for indulging in immoral behaviour.

However, speaking during an interview with Milele FM’s Ankali Ray, Milly Chebby’s husband Terence Creative noted that he saw no issue with the video.

"Dansi inashida gani? Mi nko sawa umeskia ni kama nimelazwa hospitali popote? (There is no problem with that dance. I am very ok haven't been admitted to any hospital)," he said.

Asked if he was jealous of Bahati fondling and grinding on his wife, Terence stressed that he was totally cool. He further disclosed that he also dances with Bahati's wife Diana in a similar way.

"Ata uski wivu kabisa? (You don't feel jealous?) Ankali asked Terence.

To which he replied; "Wa nini? Yeye anachemsha maji situnaogea. Pia mimi namchemshia pia yeye anaoga kwake (Jealous over what? He warms my water and I bathe with it and I also warm his water and he bathes with it)."

Old video

Terence further said that the viral video was recorded years ago when Diana was not pregnant, revealing that he too was present when it was shot.

"Hio ni video ya kitambo imekua mitendaoni.Diana ata hakua na mimba si ana mimba sahi (It's an old video which has been on the internet. Diana wasn't even pregnant, she is now pregnant)," he said.

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