Bahati claims gospel industry stopped growing, gives reason

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 12 Sep, 2021 12:39 | < 1 min read
Singer Bahati. PHOTO/(Bahati Kwenya)Instagram

Singer Bahati has taken a swipe at artists in the gospel industry, revealing why he chose to ditch the industry.

In a video posted on his wife's YouTube channel, the EMB record label boss claims that he has been adversely mentioned in less scandals since he crossed over to the secular industry, which he says is perceived as evil.

Bahati opined that the gospel industry is infested with artists who do not believe in what they preach through their music.

"The gospel industry is full artists who do not have the gospel of Jesus in them. One of the reasons why we no longer see the hits like before, is because their hearts are dirty. They are jealous and ungrateful," he adds.

The Mama hitmaker also narrated how he was betrayed by upcoming gospel artists that he mentored from scratch. He says that the musicians, Peter Blessing and David Wonder, were back-biting him and have stagnated since he sacked them from his record label.

"I am sure God finished David Wonder's career because of his ungratefulness. He needs a lot of repentance. He was to be the next biggest star in the gospel industry, not because he is talented, but because I sacrificed my grace to see him prosper. They have never grown since I stopped working with them," he said.

The singer also narrated how one of his mentees ended up filing a case against him in court despite the huge amounts of money and resources that he invested in him. Bahati adds that the unending scandals proved injurious to his brand and led to loss of lucrative ambassadorial deals.