‘You embarrassed me’ – Bahati tells Diana after she gifts him old phone he had gifted her

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On Sat, 2 Dec, 2023 19:34 | 2 mins read
Kenyan musician Bahati receives gift from his wife Diana. PHOTO/Screengrab by K24 Digital
Kenyan musician Bahati receives gift from his wife Diana. PHOTO/Screengrab by K24 Digital

In a world where women gift men socks and neckties, Kenyan musician Bahati was not a happy man after receiving a repackaged iPhone 15 Pro Max phone from his wife Diana Marua.

Bahati who was in a 'happily never after' situation claimed that the phone was a gift he had given Diana during their seventh anniversary.

Responding to Diana's post on Instagram, the artiste said he felt embarrassed and said it's worse than gifting a man's socks.

According to the artiste, despite the phone being the latest of the iPhone series, it didn't quite hit the mark noting that she could have done better.

"Kama Ulikua Hautaki Kunipea Gift Ungeniambia.... Sasa Do you Re- Package the iPhone 15 I gifted you then Unani Surprise Nayo??? So You Expect me to Say Thank you??? Step up your game Diana!" Bahati retorted.

In a video shared on Diana's YouTube channel, she detailed her plan to express gratitude to Bahati for the seven gifts he had given her in their seventh year together.

Bahati explained that he felt that Diana had used the pretext of gifting him to treat herself, leaving him less than impressed.

"My wife has gifted herself, telling me it's my gift," he whined.

Going on with her gesture, Diana disclosed that she had two additional surprises in store for him.

That was when Diana unveiled the next gift, an iPhone 15 Pro Max, which failed to elicit the expected excitement from her husband.

However, Bahati, upon receiving the 'old' iPhone, expressed his disappointment and embarrassment.

Bahati, unimpressed, disclosed that Diana had repackaged the very same phone he had initially gifted her on their anniversary and returned it as his gift.

Bahati went on to share his feelings, comparing the repackaged iPhone 15 to the uninspired act of gifting a man socks.

"This is worse than being bought socks and a wallet," Bahati expressed.

Bahati showers Diana with gifts

In October while celebrating seven years of marital bliss, Bahati went on a gifting spree to show Diana how much he appreciated her.

The singer pledged to present Diana with seven special gifts.

Diana received a total of seven distinct gifts as promised, which included her dowry.

To add an extra layer of excitement, Bahati surprised her with a brand-new Range Rover Vogue Autobiography.

"Hii gari iko moja tu Kenya. Yako tu pekee yake. This is a Range Rover Vogue Autobiography. This is the best model and these are your car keys. It has special specs just for you. The interior is red wine and has been customised for you. Don't cry, celebrate it because you deserve it," Bahati said.

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