‘Baba endelea kunifinya’ – Willy Paul gushes over 900K Youtube views in three days

By Naomi Njoroge On Tue, 13 Jul, 2021 17:19 | < 1 min read
Singer Willy Paul. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Popular singer Wilson Abubakar alias Willy Paul took to social media to flaunt over 900K youtube views of his new song ‘Lenga’ featuring singer Size 8 in just three days.

In his Instagram account, Willy Paul posted a short video saying; ” Oh, baba, baba wewe ni mfinyanzi was kweli. Umenifinya mikononi mwako baba wasanii wakifinywa an wenzao. 900K views in three days.Lenga! Baba endelea kunifinya.”

Translated as “(Father you are the moulder. You have moulded me in your hands. While other artists are being squeezed by their fellow artists I gained 900K views in three days. Continue squeezing me)”

Willy Paul is definitely benefitting from his publicity stunt he pulled with Size 8 and had Dj mo chipping in the conversation.

It all begun after Willy Paul questioned Linet Masiro Munyali commonly known as Size 8, who is Dj Mo’s wife, why she blocked him on social media four years ago. The Kamatah hitmaker also questioned why Size 8 has refused to pick his calls.

Willy Paul went ahead to poke holes in the gospel singer’s religious beliefs and reminding her that no one is always right.

“Size 8, you blocked me on Instagram just like that. Four years now. Is that what God’s people do? Surely ni gospel gani hii? Ata simu zangu haushiki. Thought tulikua brother and sister. Anyways thanks a lot woman of God. Remember no one is perfect,” Willy Paul wrote on Instagram.

The statement by Willy Paul evidently didn’t go well with Dj Mo who immediately jumped in and replied; “Ntakufinya”.

This has been a common modern-day move where artists engage in to attract clout before they finally release their projects, anticipating that the attention they got before the release will translate to massive YouTube views and endless chatter.

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