Arnelisa hints at selling Instagram account for Ksh65M

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On Thu, 30 May, 2024 10:17 | 2 mins read
Keroche Heiress Arnelisa Mungai. PHOTO/@anerlisa/Instagram
Keroche Heiress Arnelisa Mungai. PHOTO/@anerlisa/Instagram

Businesslady Arnelisa Mungai has unveiled her new rate card in the event anyone wants to contract her services.

The heiress to the multi-billion Keroche Breweries Company has opened up her personal Instagram account to advertisers and is charging a pretty cost for her services.

The unveiling of this rate card came as Arnelisa advertised that those who wanted to contract her services would have access to her one million social media followers and thousands of fans offline.

Keroche Heiress Arnelisa Mungai. PHOTO/@anerlisa/Instagram

Instagram rates

The business mogul shared on her Instagram stories her 2024 rates with the caption having a breakdown for the services.

"Arnelisa social media metrics. For 1 post on the main page 6000 USD for 3 weeks (Translates to Ksh789,,000). Post stories 24hrs 600USD (Translates to Ksh78,900). Post stories 12 hrs 300USD (Translates Ksh39,450)," Arnelisa shared.

In another subscription, for any client who would like a mention on her page under her picture, Arnelisa will be charging 1000USD per mention which is equivalent to Ksh131,500.

In the value of her being an ambassador for a brand, Arnelisa will be charging a whopping 100,000 USD for 3 months. Arnelisa also added that she will not accept any brand which includes nudity.

For any appearance for at least 3 hours, she will charge 15,000 USD, which is equivalent to Ksh197,2500.

In the top tier hybrid subscription, clients who would like to purchase her page with 1 million followers, will be required to part with 500,000 USD (Ksh66M).

Finally, clients were given the option of receiving assistance in aligning their organization to a circular economy.

Arnelisa joins a handful of renowned Kenyan personalities to unveil expensive rate cards based on their fame. 

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