‘Anyone can wear make-up’ – artist Dennis Karuri claims

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On Sat, 13 May, 2023 13:38 | < 1 min read
Dennis Karuri. PHOTO/Courtesy

Make-up artist Dennis Karuri has faulted religion as the main reason why make-up is regarded as feminine.

Karuri noted that makeup was used by all genders before colonialism and religion.

He stated that the art of make-up is not limited to a specific group of individuals and as such anyone who wishes to wear make-up can.

The vocal artist alluded that the make-up rules were founded by white people.

“Makeup is not limited to any specific group of individuals, anyone can wear makeup.

"Africans wore makeup but with the arrival of colonialism and religion, certain perceptions developed such as the belief that men shouldn’t wear makeup.

"These systems came with the white people and religion,” Karuri stated.

Karuri on make-up used by Africans

He explained that Africans used red ochre as a form of make-up on their hair and faces.

The celebrated make-up artist notes that both men and women used make-up as a form of beauty, identity and belonging.

Karuri insisted that make-up was meant for no specific gender and as such men too should wear it.

“Before societal norms and systems were imposed Africans had their own culture and ways.

"If you are to do your research you will realize men used to apply red ochre. It was a form of beauty, identity and belonging,” he added.

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