Anerlisa Muigai goes after man who said she is barren

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On Wed, 8 Feb, 2023 16:31 | 2 mins read
Anerlisa Muigai goes after man who said she is barren
Anerlisa Muigai. PHOTO/Instagram (@anerlisa)

Anerlisa Muigai expressed the pain she felt after a man called her a barren woman all because she doesn't have a child yet.

Commenting on pictures Anerlisa posed with her friends, a troll told the 35-year-old businesswoman that she was the only one who was barren among her pals.

"You're the only barren there," the troll wrote.

In a series of posts on InstaStories, the Keroche heiress admitted that she mostly ignores many negative comments but being called barren the troll just got under her skin.

“There are a lot of comments that I ignore, but this one has gone far. I am actually touched because there are actual barren women in this world,” Anerlisa wrote in part.

Her pain was even exacerbated by the fact that the person who called her barren was a man.

“I am disappointed that a whole grown man can comment on such things as knowing how many women struggle day in and day out with getting kids. Feel very shamed, and if you have young daughters, pray very hard for them. Your words can easily come back to you, sir!!!” Anerlisa ranted.

She added that;

“Just to make it clear that a lot of women are not pregnant BY CHOICE. I haven’t seen any woman who has won a medal for getting a child before the other.”

Anerlisa didn't stop at just bashing the man who called her barren, she dug up more information about him and shared his photo for the world to see his face.

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