Alaine’s reply to Willy Paul exposes the Kenyan singer to ridicule

By Brian Okoth On Fri, 12 Jul, 2019 13:47 | 2 mins read
Alaine and Willy Paul previously worked together on the song “I Do”. [PHOTO | FILE]
Alaine and Willy Paul previously worked together on the song “I Do”. [PHOTO | FILE]

Contemporary musician Willy Paul became the Instagram laughing stock on Thursday, when Jamaican singer, Alaine Laughton, brushed aside the Kenyan act’s interest in her.

Willy Paul had recently taken to the photos and video-sharing platform to allege that Alaine blocked him on mobile and social media platforms after he was pictured on multiple occasions in the company of Tanzanian sensation Nandy.

“Alaine, we were so good together dear. To be honest, meeting you was the best thing ever coz it was like a dream come true [for me] … When you see a man admitting to such, then it means something [really]big. I woke up today feeling some type of way. You used to like my pictures and comment on them… Nowadays, I call you and you don’t pick [up the phone] … You don’t even reply to my messages…

“I had so much hope in this [relationship].

“There is a female artiste from Tanzania whose name is Nandy; she and I are just friends…. [there is] nothing more… That shouldn’t even worry you, my dear.

“[Alaine], you know who your legit king is… Help me fam get this message to @alainesinga,” said Willy Paul on Instagram Tuesday.

And exactly two days later, Alaine responded to the award-winning yet controversial Kenyan musician.

“Willy Paul, everything will be alright. It is all about the music, and specifically, all about God. Thanking Him for all His blessings, despite obstacles, despite enemies, in spite of ourselves. We know HE has a plan for us to prosper us and to give us a future with hope. We know how far He’s taken us and trust Him with the future. One thing is for sure… we have great musical chemistry. So, what do you think… one more song? Let us unblock some blessings…,” wrote Alaine on Instagram.

Her message, however, wasn’t what Willy Paul expected. The Kenyan musician says he is disappointed at the “bro-zone” Alaine has confined him to.

“Alaine responded [to my earlier message], but [her response is] not what I wanted to hear… Nonetheless, I am glad I have been unblocked, and we are now good.

“She has, however, leaned so much on the music side instead of talking about matters love. Anyway, it’s all good,” said Willy Paul.

Willy Paul’s Instagram post saw his timeline flooded by users, who laughed at him for “expecting too much” from Alaine.

Kobia Sakina said: “I hope no one has hacked your account and posted all these desperate statements.”

Billy Stephen said: “Alaine does not want you to tickle her.”

Other users interpreted Willy Paul’s message as a stunt he was employing before releasing a song he has featured the Jamaican songstress.

And, true to the users’ guess, the duo, who previously worked together on “I Do”, released a new song called “Shado Mado” on Friday, July 12.

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