Akothee hits out at women who don’t post their partners on social media

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On Sun, 25 Sep, 2022 12:49 | 2 mins read
Musician Akothee PHOTO/@akotheekenya/Instagram

Controversial singer Esther Akoth, alias Akothee has hit out at women who don’t post their partners on social media.

The mother of five who recently showed off her new lover has never shied away from sharing her thoughts on various topics.

Multiple relationships

In an update on her Instagram page, the singer said women avoid posting their men on social media because they fear getting caught.

Akothee insisted that most of such women are in multiple relationships and publicizing them online is risking.

She said women tend to go for multiple relationships looking to attain a certain goal with each relationship.

“Most women will not post whom they are dating because they are in multiple relationships, busy sleeping with ten men in a week, one paying uber another one rent, some are dating married men and in crazy entanglements. You are in a situationships deal with it,” the singer said.

Musician Akothee PHOTO/@akotheekenya/Instagram

Akothee advises daughter to go for money, not love

A while ago, Akothee sparked mixed reactions after advising her daughter Rue Baby to date a man because of money and not love.

The singer advised her daughter while sharing a moment with her during a boat ride on her birthday.

“My daughter, when you go for money, love will come, when you go for love, money will never come

“You better cry in Dubai than cry in Kanyamkago. Go for money my dear,” she told her daughter.

The remarks sparked reactions from netizens who slammed Akothee over the same.

Akothee HIV status

As earlier reported, Akothee was forced to make public her HIV status after reports emerged alleging that she is positive.

Through her social media pages, the controversial singer shared several documents indicating that she is HIV negative.

“Yes, I’m Proving a point, so don’t tell me not to prove. For those interested in my HIV status, what you do with this information is up to you,” wrote Akothee.

She added: “Hiyo HIV ikija kunipata siku moja, juwa nimeletewa nyumbani, ama vile ilivyo pangwa na Mungu, sijui lakini kwa sasa habari ndio hiyo saa hii tulia.”

She further explained that after the incident, she understood why most public figures tend to hide their HIV status from the public.

“I have been wondering why public figures who are HIV positive can’t come out clean and embrace the campaign against Stigma/ HIV/AIDS

“They prefer to play safe and protect themselves other than giving out their lives to ungrateful people,” she added.

Musician Akothee PHOTO/@akotheekenya/Instagram

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