Akothee: I built my village mansion in Rongo after being conned

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Akothee: I built my village mansion in Rongo after being conned
Aerial view of Akothee's home in Rongo. PHOTO/Akothee (@akotheekenya)/Instagram.

Akothee owns two multimillion shillings mansions in her rural home in Rongo, Migori county and in Mtwapa, Kilifi county where she is based.

The mother of five is a proud owner of 40 title deeds. Her multimillion shillings palatial home sits on a large parcel of land she bought after she was conned by a land cartel in Homa Bay county.

The Rongo mansion is estimated to cost at least Ksh80 million as it possesses almost all modern home accessories ranging from a swimming pool, jacuzzi, and well-manicured garden among other amenities.

Aerial view of Akothee's home in Rongo. PHOTO/Akothee (@akotheekenya)/Instagram.

Akothee conned

The mother of five recently revealed that she was conned when she was seeking to buy land to build her mansion.

She disclosed that she first bought land in Rakwaro but lost it because she didn't do background checks on the title deed to ascertain if it was genuine.

"When I bought my first land in Rakwaro at 120k back in 2008 the only savings I had, I ended up losing it, I didn't do a proper background check of the documents😭, I really wanted to have a home, I didn't care where I just wanted a roof over my head with my kids. I had nowhere to go if the houses for rent were to be demolished 🙏, My family was too big to go back and fit in my mother's house . . I wanted a home and a place to associate myself with. A place my kids can call home," Akothee wrote.

She saved some money again after she was conned and bought the Rongo property where she built her mega-mansion.

"I have always believed in buying land to build my home. God showed up in 2019 and I bought land and built a white house. 2013, I wanted to have a home in the village so sent money and bought land in Rongo, 500k for 50×100 😭. When I went to check, it was not really what I wanted, I was so angry, it was small and in the middle of people's homes. I never wanted to step there. Waited and sold it at 1.5m back in 2019.

If it was a car I would have sold it at zero price. Let no one tell you Hiyo land iko kwa mistuni (in the bush). You can't even afford a beach plot now, wazungu waliharibu bei. I am happy with my 40 title deeds.
Invest your money in property, not on showbiz," she wrote.

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