‘Bwana yake aliibiwa akiwa wapi?’- Akothee responds to Mombasa woman claiming she ‘stole’ Omondi from her

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'Bwana yake aliibiwa akiwa wapi?'- Akothee responds to Mombasa woman claiming she 'stole' Omondi from her
Akothee and Omondi. PHOTO/Akothee (@akotheekenya)/Instagram.

Akothee has come out to address claims by a Mombasa woman identified as Lucy who claims that she 'stole' her fiancé Omondi from her.

Lucy claimed that she connected Omosh with Akothee before the mother of five eloped with the Swiss.

Akothee strongly denied Lucy's claims while speaking during an interview on Radio Maisha on Tuesday, November 1, 2022.

The mother of five insisted that she met Omondi through his friend Pius while in Switzerland. She added that the Swiss affirmed to her that he was single when they started dating.

"Bwana yake aliibiwa akiwa wapi? Number one. Number two, when I met Omosh he never told me that… mi huwa nauliza 'are you in a relationship?' And he said 'no'. But when he came to Kenya, he is an investor. Omosh is an investor and he wanted to come to Kenya and he invest in Kenya. So he came to Kenya in 2019 through his friends then in 2022 huko kwa harakati zake za kufanya biashara zake alikua anaenda safari na Bonfire. Ata mambo ya Akothee Safari hakua anajua. So huyu ambaye nilimuibia bwana nilimuibia tukiwa wapi? tukiwa tumekutana wapi?" Akothee said.

"Maanake Switzerland mahali nlikua nilikua naona wazungu tu. And that party that we went it's only me and my daughter that were black. So I met Omosh through his friend called Pius," she added.

Akothee and Omondi. PHOTO/Akothee (@akotheekenya)/Instagram.

Akothee further dismissed Lucy as a desperate woman.

"Shida ya wanawake ni kwamba hawajui kudifferentiate between fun moments, business moments. Unajua sahi waschana wako desperate, na mwanaume yeyote ambaye atapita tu huyo lazima akue bwana ata kama hajaambiwa akuwe bwana. So according to me, I am very innocent, I have no idea of the same. Unajua mimi ni superstar, mahali Akothee amepita tu ata kama hajakohoa watu watasema Akothee ametoka hapa na ametunyambia ile hujawai ona. So we don't care we are very innocent. My husband is very innocent, I am very clean. Yeye atuambie jinsi bwanake aliibiwa," Akothee said.

Omondi and Lucy

Omondi had earlier admitted that he knew Lucy but strongly denied that he ever dated her.

The Swiss said Lucy was only helping him make his visits to Kenya and made it clear that she was not involved in any way in his meeting with Akothee.

“I met Esther innocently and I was not connected with a woman from Kenya. I told Lucy that my friend has contact with a woman who runs a travel business and that I will meet her. Then she remembered seeing her at Serena Hotel Mombasa at breakfast some time ago. Lucy is not the one who connected. It was my friend Pius,” Omosh said.

Omondi further noted that he severed communications with Lucy after meeting Akothee as he no longer needed her services.

He called on the young lady to leave Akothee and him alone and also give them a chance to enjoy their relationship in peace.

Three children

Akothee and Omondi enjoy picnic together. (@akotheekenya)/Instagram.

During the interview on Radio Maisha, Akothee disclosed that she was planning to have three more children with Omondi, revealing that she would be getting pregnant in quick succession every year.

"Watoto watatu. Mpango wangu nizae kila mwaka ndo nimalize haraka alafu ndo nitengeneze mwili," she said.

The mother of five had earlier vowed to get pregnant for Omondi by all means, noting that she should be likened to a dog if she fails to be knocked up by her lover.

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