Akothee painfully recalls how Swiss baby daddy threw her out when she was 9 months pregnant

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Akothee painfully recalls how Swiss baby daddy threw her out when she was 9 months pregnant
Akothee with one of her baby daddies. PHOTO/Akothee (@akotheekenya)/Instagram.

Akothee has five children who were sired by three different baby daddies of different nationalities – a Kenyan, a Frenchman and a Swiss.

Her three daughters Vesha, Celly Rue and Prudence were fathered by her first husband Jared Okello while her sons Ojwang and Oyoo were sired by the Frenchman and Swiss respectively.

The mother of five has been in Europe for the past week where she visited her daughters in France. In Switzerland, where she also has a home, Akothee reflected on how her Swiss baby daddy threw her out when she was nearly giving birth.

"I am not perfect, but trust me I am living the life I never imagined existed. Just don't give up, this same Switzerland I am touring now, I was thrown out here 9 months pregnant back in 2009 🤣🤣🤣. 'Go back to Africa I have no energy nor family to take care of a pregnant woman, I am not even ready for a wife 🥺' said my baby daddy 👏💪," Akothee wrote.

Akothee flew back to Kenya without a medical certificate

Most airlines allow pregnant women to travel through their eighth month. Travelling during the ninth month is usually allowed if there is permission from the health care provider.

Akothee was forced to lie that she was six months pregnant so that the airline could allow her to fly back home to Kenya after her mzungu baby daddy threw her out.

I thought of throwing myself on the passing trains, my kids were constantly calling me back in Kenya, especially Vesha, I stayed in the cold in Basel SBB during winter time February to be precise 🙆‍♂️ all restaurants were closing and I was almost left alone for those in Europe you know what it feels at the train stations late hours when trains are shutting down 🥺🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️, we the ECHO🙆‍♂️🥺🥺.

"I was forced to fly back at 9 months, I faked the pregnancy to be 6 months for the airline to allow me go back home,🙆‍♂️, Frankfurt Airport felt like jail. I just wanted to go home 🤲since then I disconnected from living in Europe. I don't envy nothing, I come here do my thing and back to AFRICAAAAA ❗️
AFRICAAAAA❗️ AFRIKAAAAAA.❗️," Akothee wrote.

Akothee has gone through a lot in the 40-plus years she has been alive. The controversial singer was married to her first love Jared Okello with whom she has three children with, they would have had four but one died.

While sharing a throwback photo of herself in 2018, Akothee narrated how she lost her son because she lacked the money to take him to the hospital.

“I had only 3 children but I had dropped 4 in my 10 years of marriage, one passed on at 8 months. I didn’t have money to take him to the hospital early enough, or maybe it was God’s time” she said.

Akothee got married to Jared Okello at the age of 13 when she was still a student in high school in Homa Bay County.

She got her first baby at the age of 14, and by 16 she had already delivered four kids. (plus the one who died shortly after delivery).

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