‘Growing up without a father figure made me a useless child’ – Abel Mutua

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On Mon, 1 Aug, 2022 07:25 | 3 mins read
Abel Mutua
Content creator Abel Mutua PHOTO/@abelmutua/Instagram

Content creator and scriptwriter Abel Mutua has disclosed how lack of a father figure affected his life while growing up.

According to the content creator, his dad left his mother while he was still a youngster.

Growing up without a dad

In an interview with Presenter Ali, Mutua opened up on how being raised by a single mother shaped him and how his dad left.

At some point in his life, the father of one said he became a troublesome child and started misbehaving all because he lacked a father figure.

“Me growing up I passed through some phases at some point my biological dad left us so a father figure is very important in a family

“So when my dad left I became a useless child, I put my mum through so much, and looking back all that misbehaving was because I lacked a father figure,” Mutua recalled.

Abel Mutua
Abel Mutua, his wife Judy Nyawira and their daughter Stephanie PHOTO/@abelmutua/Instagram

As such, Mutua said he is currently very much involved in his daughter's life so that she may not go through what he experienced.

“So I made the decision not to subject my kid to that coz for me God helped me to reform to get back, right now I can't get it wrong with my child it would hurt me a lot if I let my child go through what I went through,” he stated.

Abel Mutua couldn’t express self

Mutua said lacking a father figure messed his self esteem and he was not able to speak up and express himself.

Most of the time, in such cases, he would act up just as any other kids when he finds himself in a difficult situation.

"I will have to be there for this girl I want to be among the first people who know whenever anything happens to her. Coz if I don't have a relationship with her then I don't know what she is doing out there I don't know who she is interacting with it's very dangerous things start going south you are definitely the last person to know which is very wrong,” he said.

Abel Mutua
Abel Mutua and his brother Jesse Mwethuku PHOTO/@abelmutua/Instagram

One kid is enough

Speaking while responding to pressure on having a second baby, Mutua said people should unlearn the outdated notion that a couple must have more than one child.

“If I decide I only want to get one child, it is a personal choice, I don’t see how it affects you… If it would be affecting you we would try and get another but why are you sleepless? I know why I have decided one is enough, I have my reasons, if you want to get 15 children, go ahead,” he said.

He explained that he is content with having his daughter alone so that he can fully provide for her.

“For me I feel the kind of life I want to give my child, it can only be possible if I have one,” Mutua explained.

He said his choice can be changed only if his wife Judy Nyawira decides she wants to have more children.

Abel Mutua
Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira PHOTO/@abelmutua/Instagram