3 first time celebrity dads marking maiden Father’s Day

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On Sun, 19 Jun, 2022 20:12 | 2 mins read
Grace Ekirapa and lover Pascal Tokodi. PHOTO/Facebook

Dads, let's hear it for you! Today being fathers Day, I have compiled four celebrities who will be celebrating for the first time, beginning with this well-known actor/ musician, Pascal Tokodi. Tokodi and his wife, Grace Ekirapa, announced they were expecting their first child early this year. So who are the other new celebrity dads?

Pascal Tokodi

Pascal Tokodi is also a first-time dad who welcomed his daughter with Grae Ekirapa on his birthday. Pascal went on Instagram to express his love for his wife, saying, "Grace, watching you become a mother today was one the greatest joys of my life."

To my little princess, I'm proud of many things in my life, but today, holding you in my arms, holding your tiny finger, being your father, and Sharing a birthday with you…. will forever top the list. I will always be here for you. I will love you and protect you with everything I have, always and Forever ♥️

Oscar Mwalo

Oscar Mwalo, Aggie, the dance queen's baby daddy, was happy after becoming a father on Women's day this year. The two named their son Nairobi Hawi.

Happy women's day to you, love aggie_the_dance_queen, and to all women out there, I experienced labour and delivery that made me respect you so much.
It wasn't easy, but we thank God we managed.

Phil Kimemia

Phil Kimemia is not only a first-time dad, but his wife, Celestine Gachuhi, is also a first-time mom. The two welcomed their daughter on May 3rd. Phile wrote:

I've finally met a girl with the most beautiful voice in the world! I can never forget that feeling when I heard you cry. It was a unique sound, so beautiful ❤️. Experiencing the whole process was terrific. Your mom is a fighter and a strong woman.

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