18 months on, ‘Jerusalema’ hit singer says she has never been paid a cent

By , K24 Digital
On Sun, 11 Jul, 2021 19:25 | 2 mins read
Jerusalema hit singer Nomcebo Zidoke. PHOTO/INSTAGRAM

Since its release 18 months ago, ‘Jerusalema’ hit singer Nomcebo Zidoke has disclosed that she has never been paid a cent by the Open Mic record label.

Nomcebo who was featured in the song released in December 2019, says that despite the song’s global success, she has been ridiculed with ill motives to marginalize her contribution.

“Thank you to all the fans of Jerusalema you have made my dreams a reality, with attaining a global hit song. My voice and lyrics have transcended globally, but I still await what is due to me,” she wrote.

She has now decided to take legal action noting that; “I, as a female artist, can’t stay silent on this anymore, the matter is now with my lawyers.”

Responding to these allegations, Master KG denied the claims stating that the song did not make as much money as the fans were implying.

Further in the counterattack, he accused Nomcebo of doing the Jerusalema tour without involving him and blaming him for doing the same.

“Last year Nomcebo started Jerusalema tour without me and I never had a problem and a few weeks back I started my tour and then Nomcebo went to the media and created a story that I’m leaving her behind…I don’t really know why things must be like this,” he stated.

The South African song done by Master KG featuring Nomcebo was a major ‘quarantine hit’ gaining global attention over its sweet rhymes and incorporated beautiful dancing rhythms.

It has since gathered over 100M youtube views with its challenge dancing videos gaining as much.