10 times Eric Omondi was attacked by entertainers in 2022

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Graphical representation of 10 times Eric Omondi was attacked by entertainers in 2022.
Graphical representation of 10 times Eric Omondi was attacked by entertainers in 2022.

Comedian Eric Omondi has for the better part of 2022 made headlines due to his push for the passage of a bill in Parliament that supports local music.

The funny man has been pushing for the Members of Parliament to enact a law that would see local broadcasting stations play 75 percent of Kenyan content.

Eric's advocacy has however seen him brush shoulders with fellow entertainers due to his sustained criticism of players in the entertainment industry. The controversial comedian has been subject to criticism from musicians, fellow comedians and DJs.

Here are some instances where Eric Omondi was blasted by entertainers;

1. Omondi referred to as a former comedian at a stand-up comedy show

In January 2022, Eric Omondi attracted the criticism of fellow comedians after he became the subject of jokes at a stand-up comedy show.

Sauti Sol's Bien Aime Baraza shared a video on his Instagram handle where the joke against Omondi was made.

In the video, Anthony Ngaricha, a standup comedian and Master of Ceremony (MC) popularly known as TY Ngachira recalled the argument and debate on Kenyan comedians and artistes that was initiated by Omondi.

"It feels strange to speak after a weekend where comedians have been beefing with musicians because a lot of musicians have spoken. Savara spoke, Bien spoke, Jua Cali spoke and said what are comedians even saying?" TY Ngachira said.

The MC then took a swipe at comedians highlighting the personalities who speak on behalf of comedians comparing them to the likes of Sauti Sol and Jua Cali.

"However, do you know who speaks for comedians, Embaramba dancing, cross-dressing and Wife Material guy called Eric Omondi, so Eric could have come today but they wanted comedians so…" Ngachira said to the ululations and cheering of the crowd.

2. Bien's clash with Eric Omondi

Sauti Sol lead singer Bien clashed with Eric Omondi in October 2022 after he accused him of misleading fellow Kenyan musicians.

Eric took a swipe at Bien after Apple Music released the full list of the most played songs in Kenya which was dominated by songs done by Nigerian and American musicians.

'You’re an idiot. Useless burukenge' - Bien unforgivingly insults Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi and Bien. PHOTO/Courtesy.

Bien was the only Kenyan musician who is featured on the list, and Eric claimed that Bien understands showbiz but he doesn't want other musicians to get to where he is.

The Sauti Sol lead singer further questioned why Eric Omondi was so concerned about music yet he is a comedian. He claimed Kenya's comedy was on its deathbed while Eric is busy focusing on music.

3. Harmonize claims Eric is a con promoter

After his release from Kileleshwa police station following a fist fight with comedian Eric Omondi, Tanzanian Bongo Star claimed that the funny man was a con promoter.

Harmonize claimed that Eric obtained money from club owners promising that he would bring the Konde Gang star to perform in their clubs.

Harmonize pointed out that the monies collected by Eric were not disclosed to him and that he was only doing appearances as he was supporting the artiste.

4. Khaligraph blasts Eric Omondi

Rapper Khaligraph Jones recently attacked the self-proclaimed president of comedy, saying he has since been surpassed by a new crop of comedians.

Khaligraph mentioned Cartoon comedian and Crazy Kennar as the best comedians who are currently ruling the comic industry.

The rapper further claimed that he is currently worth more than Eric, despite the fact that the controversial comedian came to the limelight when he was still an upcoming musician.

5. Eric Omondi vs Oga Obinna

Kiss 100 radio co-host Oga Obinna and comedian Eric Omondi were in August 2022 engaged in an ugly war of words.

The two were embroiled in an ugly war of words after Omondi cautioned Obinna and his co-host Kamene Goro to refrain from mentioning his name on their radio show.

Radio host Oga Obinna

Irked by Eric's sentiments, Obinna questioned what the comedian has to show off his 15 years of career in comedy.

“You have more followers tat me and that is the only thing that you have that I don’t have. Why because you had a head start, then also most of your followers are from Tanzania, so there is no conversion. They follow because you were mimicking one of their own.

"Your brand is doing everything because it’s cheap. When it's cheap everybody can access it. Saying you have gone to many countries because you are the one with the Visa. Then you are cheap, you are comfortable sleeping in people’s houses when you go to the States," Obinna said.

6. Eric Omondi vs Kamene Goro

Radio presenter Kamene Goro also attacked Eric in August after he lectured her and her co-host Oga Obinna.

Omondi cautioned Obinna and Kamene Goro to refrain from mentioning his name on their radio show.

Kamene Goro clapped back at Omondi with more mockery of the comedian.

“I definitely have more money than you Bro, Wacha nisianza Kusema. Kunishinda labda followers. Keep you name out of your mouth. Haiaya basi arudishe Bikini awache kulia, a dance in peace. Naskia Shwarrey for the Bikini Eric Mondi Analia,” Kamene replied.

7. Eric Omondi vs Ringtone

Gospel artiste Ringtone Apoko recently offered to employ comedian Eric Omondi who he claims has no talent as his houseboy.

Apoko said he can employ the comedian as his compound manager at his Runda home.

'Anatamani maisha mazuri na hana talent' - Ringtone offers to employ 'broke' Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi and Ringtone. PHOTO/Courtesy.

"I told him to come I give him a job and he refused. I can employ him as a compound manager in my Runda home," Ringtone said.

Ringtone went on to state that the self-proclaimed President of comedy in Africa has no talent and is broke.

"Nothing else he can do. He does not have a talent so I can only hire him as a house boy. He wants to live a good life. He can't live in Runda and that is why he is always posting people's houses," the flamboyant musician said, adding that he would pay Omondi a salary of Ksh 50,000.

8. Shakilla accuses Eric Omondi of ‘using’ her

Shakilla recently accused comedian Eric Omondi of using her to promote his shows with no pay.

For instance, she claimed that in 2021 when he was shooting his infamous Wife Material show, Omondi completely refused to pay her dues and the rest of the cast members.

She stated that her efforts to get her pay have been in vain to date as Eric fails to pick up her calls.

Eric Omondi responds after Shakilla accused him of 'using' her
Photo collage of Eric Omondi and Shakilla. PHOTO/Courtesy

This, she says prompted her to be dramatic in order to gain from the show saying;

"Eric has used me in so many ways. He did not pay me or anyone on the wife material show and was biased and unfair in choosing the winner so I had to come up with a wise way to gain from the show," she lamented on her Instagram live.

9. Andrew Kibe vs Eric Omondi

Former Kiss 100 radio host Andrew Kibe called out the self-proclaimed king of comedy Eric Omondi over his video announcing that his girlfriend had suffered a miscarriage.

Kibe stated that he was strongly convinced that Eric was just doing showbiz and that there was no child involved.

The podcaster released a reaction video to Eric's Instagram post which he titled, "Erica Amondi's Brain Miscarriage."

"As long as these cameras are ever rolling… I show you what I want to show you. Whenever you see me in front of a camera I am ready for you. That video was not just a by the way thing, if it was real, why would you release the video to us? Why would you post that?" he posed.

10. KRG the Don blames Eric Omondi for Harmonize arrest

KRG the Don faulted Eric Omondi for the misfortunes that caught Tanzanian singer Harmonize during his visit to Kenya.

Speaking at Kileleshwa police station where Harmonzie was briefly arrested, KRG said he had come to defend Harmonize from Omondi’s ‘slyness’.

“I think both of them are adults and everyone had their mistakes but I will say Omondi was supposed to handle it well because he had the contract,” KRG stated.

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