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The Great Wall of China. PHOTO/Travelandleisure
Top Unesco World Heritage Sites of 2024

By | 2 weeks ago

Kenya is known for its spectacular beauty and a visit offers the experience of a lifetime. Besides the chance to see the big five, the country holds s...

Several companies in Kenya made a loss in 2023.
10 most traded currencies in the world

By | 4 weeks ago

Currencies that are widely accepted and used in international trade and finance are generally considered to be tradeable. The most tradeable currencie...

New technologies representation. PHOTO/Pexels
10 impactful benefits of digital transformation

By | 1 month ago

New technologies and competitors with different business models have disrupted industries in this era. Companies must transform themselves in this sce...

Couple enjoying date on Valentine's Day. PHOTO/Print
10 simple ways to show love this Valentine’s Day

By | 2 months ago

Whether you pay a pretty shilling for your Valentine or keep things simple, we would all agree the spirit of Lover’s Day is more about showing love ...

Photo representation. PHOTO/Print
Fashion areas that men should observe this year

By | 3 months ago

As technology continues to weave its threads into the fabric of fashion, it’s crucial to use it tastefully. Don’t make style mistakes by not payin...

People enjoying Christmas meal. PHOTO/Print
10 Christmas traditions you’ll only find in Africa

By | 4 months ago

With Christians making up almost half of the continent’s population, Christmas is a big deal in Africa. Forget the snow, fir trees and mulled wine. ...

The Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia. PHOTO/Print
10 biggest dams in Africa

By | 6 months ago

With the continent colloquially named the richest continent in the world due to its rich natural mineral deposits, favourable weather and fertile arab...

Artificial intelligence. PHOTO/Lucidya.
10 new tech trends and emerging technologies

By | 6 months ago

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace, making Information Technology professionals realise their role will not stay the same in the contactless world...

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