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Waterlogged roads in Mumbai, India. PHOTO/Print
10 ways to protect yourself during this rainy season

By | 2 weeks ago

Who doesn’t love the sound of rain, the smell of earth and the sight of green sceneries paired with blooming flowers? However, from flooding, accide...

Ebuka Onyewuchu. PHOTO/Print
10 things you didn’t know you inherit from your parents

By | 1 month ago

Do you have your mum’s nose? Did your dad pass on the curse of sneezing in the morning? And where did your baby’s gap between her upper front teet...

10 morning habits that dull your shine

By | 3 months ago

Everyone has their day routine. Some pop out of bed ready to get going, while others dread the thought of leaving the warm comfort of the cozy nest. S...

Young girls laughing. PHOTO/Print
10 daily doses of health

By | 4 months ago

While they are not cast in stone, there are certain routines that you can try out every day to improve your well-being.  Here are some you can co...

Reasons patients do not get the right diagnosis

By | 5 months ago

1.Fragmentation of care One of the growing trends in modern medicine is the continued fragmentation of healthcare. This means that, instead of going t...

10 ways to protect your mental health while in a financial crisis

By | 6 months ago

High cost of living, taxes, paycuts, job losses are just a few of the many financial woes Kenyans are experiencing currently. This is having a knock-o...

10 ways to reduce your risk of premature death

By | 7 months ago

Dying is something that none of us can avoid —it is the one certainty in life. However, certain lifestyle choices can help delay it. With the so man...

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