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A bottle of alcohol. PHOTO/Pexels
Ten health mistakes men make

By | 4 days ago

Statistics show women live longer, healthier and have a better quality of life compared to men. In more developed countries, the average life expectan...

A stressed out couple. PHOTO/Pexels
Banking on a ‘potential’ man

By | 6 days ago

Potential can be one of the most risky things to depend on in a relationship, but that is what Maryanne Njeri, 35, was banking on when she introduced ...

10 key issues to consider before taking supplements

By | 2 weeks ago

There has been so much hype about supplements and their potential benefits that it can be hard to separate facts from fiction. Used properly, some may...

A parent talking to his child. PHOTO/Pexels
How emotionally immature parents affect their children

By | 2 weeks ago

Childhood should be whimsical, nurturing and validating. But for some children, this just isn’t the case. Some children have parents who may provide...

A man in deep anxiety and stress. PHOTO/Print
10 signs you need to go for therapy

By | 4 weeks ago

The need to talk about your emotions is seen as something to poke fun at, weak or shameful. That stigma is often why people don’t seek help in the f...

The late Brian Chira. PHOTO/Brian Chira(@chirabrian)Instagram
The curse of sanpaku eyes?

By | 4 weeks ago

From TikTok theories to YouTube videos, the sanpaku eye superstition seems to be all over the internet, especially after the death of TikToker Brian C...

Representation of a man taking a cold shower. PHOTO/Pexels
Benefits that make cold water therapy worth it

By | 1 month ago

The idea of willingly immersing oneself in freezing cold water doesn’t sound particularly enticing. So, why is taking this plunge becoming a trend? ...

A man takes a sip of water. PHOTO/Pexels
10 ways to beat the scorching heat

By | 2 months ago

Recently, the country has been experiencing unusually warm weather, even in parts considered colder. This can affect lives in different ways and the m...

Representation of blood collection. PHOTO/Pexels
10 ways your blood group can affect your health

By | 2 months ago

There are many people out there clueless about their blood type. While knowing your blood group can save your life in an emergency in case you are in ...

A representation of stressed girl. PHOTO/Pexels
Ten holiday survival guide for people with stress and depression

By | 4 months ago

“Happy Holidays!” may not be that happy for some people, especially those who have a history of mental health needs or who are at-risk. A signific...

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